Cookies by Marie

You guys.

It’s my senior year of college.

My SENIOR year.

*takes deep breath*

It’s been an amazing journey and I’ve learned so much, but I gotta be honest: I can’t wait for May 16, 2015. Because last year was so rough, I decided to work as little as possible this year to focus on finishing strong (and bringing my GPA back up). That decision–which I don’t regret at all since midterms just ended and it’s totally paying off–has often left me in financial hardship though. I’ve had to try different things, new things, and things I’d rather not do (like calling Mom) just to make ends meet. This is about one of those things:

You guys, I’m selling my cookies.

No. Not those cookies.

These cookies.

And these.

And maybe even these.

Photo: Totally mine.

Photo: Totally mine.


This is an idea that I’ve actually been sitting on for a while, and well, the bills need to be paid and who doesn’t like a good, homemade cookie, right? I will be focusing on one type of cookie or bar per month. All cookies are made from scratch (and with love) in my kitchen. Below are the details:

November’s Cookie: Sea Salt & Chocolate Chunk

Price Point: $15/dozen

Payment: Pay Pal (

Delivery/Pick Up: Email me after payment at the above address and we’ll make arrangements

Love ya!